TRENDS at Ventana Sur is the space for new technologies and current content business models.

The leading audiovisual market in Ibero-America will have the opportunity to produce stories in 4D, a chance to delve into the worlds of augmented and virtual realities: The best, groundbreaking narratives from the region in only one place, at once. TRENDS also features fulldome content.

TRENDS is the brand-new 360° platform that offers opportunities and experiences for creators, producers, marketers and programmers, who will find innovative curatorial perspectives and Latin American trends waiting to be projected to the world.

This commercial lab includes project pitching, conferences, screenings, and the possibility to meet renowned experts from these new disciplines and their statistics, present in industry events and featured in most means of mass communication.

One of the main goals is to identify and encourage independent creators and producers working in the convergence of art, technology and marketing.