Latin American Screenings - Rules & Submission Form
  • Before filling the form, please read the TERMS & CONDITIONS to request a screening at Ventana Sur. TERMS & CONDITIONS Ventana Sur gives you the opportunity to screen your most outstanding productions from Monday December 10th to Friday December 14th. 1. Screening conditions • Screenings can be requested for feature films directed by a Latin American director and produced or co-produced by a Latin American producer, premiered from November 1st 2017 to October 31st 2018. • Screenings are exclusively reserved for films which are represented by a sales agency. Priority will be given to films that have never been screened at a film market. • The company shall provide a screening copy in DCP with English subtitles. • All screening copies are checked before the screening. However, it is recommended to send a back up copy in Blu-ray format. • All screenings must have a contact person attending Ventana Sur. • This online screening form must be completed before October 5th. 2. Confirmation of the screenings • Once we receive your request, we will contact you via e-mail. • The screenings are only confirmed after the full payment of the screening fee is made, before October 29th. • The date and time of the screening will be confirmed no later than November 16th. 3. Cost • The cost per screening is 200 euros. A VAT of 20% will be added for companies based in France and for companies based in Europe if they don’t provide a valid VAT number. It includes a table at the market venue for the sales agency and the printing of a film poster for the table. • All shipping costs (inbound and outbound) are at the applicant's expense. • Invoices will be issued by the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes on behalf of Ventana Sur. 4. Delivery of screening copy • The screening copy in DCP must be sent before November 19th, or delivered in person at Ventana Sur’s office in Buenos Aires before November 23rd. • If you do not respect this, our staff will not be responsible for the screening conditions. • Shipping instructions will be provided once the screening is confirmed. 5. Access to screenings and information • Access to the screening rooms is strictly reserved to accredited guests. The sales agency booking the screening can decide if the access is reserved to industry guests (sales agents, distributors, festival programmers and TV executives) or to all guests. • Access is not permitted to journalists. • Checks at the entrance to screening rooms are carried out by Ventana Sur staff. Badges are scanned at the entrance of the screening rooms, which enables individual lists to be drawn up of all those attending. These lists will be sent the day after the screenings to the person who has booked the screening. However, Ventana Sur cannot be held responsible in the case a list is not available or is incomplete. 6. Videolibrary The films screened at Ventana Sur are also available at the videolibrary. Having your screening confirmed, you automatically agree to include your film in the videolibrary. A different form has to be completed on Ventana Sur’s website with information requested for the videolibrary. 7. Terms of cancellation Any cancellation received after October 29th will be invoiced in full.
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