Co-production Events

Promoting exchanges

For the purpose of promoting exchanges, co-production and distribution both between Latin American countries and with other territories, networking events will be organized among the participating delegations during the 11th edition of Ventana Sur.

At least four events have been confirmed; the already classic Ibero-American co-production event and, for the first time, a co-production event with the UK delegation, another one with the Italian delegation, and a third one between Chile, Argentina and Spain.

Events Schedule:

UK – LATIN AMERICA Co-production Breakfast
Organized by: British Film Institute and INCAA.

SPAIN – CHILE – ARGENTINA Co-production Event
Organized by: ICAA, CinemaChile and INCAA with collaboration of AGADIC, Catalan Films and Basque Audiovisual.

7º IBEROAMERICAN Co-production Event
Organized by: CAACI, RECAM and INCAA.

ITALY – ARGENTINA Co-production Event
Organized by: ICE, ANICA, DG Cinema e Audiovisivo MIBACT, APA, CNA Cinema e Audiovisivo Nazionale, CNA Cinema e Audiovisivo Piemonte, and INCAA.